About the Owner

Hey there! I'm Mr. Neal, the founder and owner of Tutor Corner LLC. I'm thrilled to have the opportunity to guide and support you on your educational journey! Let me share a little bit about myself and my passion for teaching. 

Education has always been my driving force. I hold a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from the University of Notre Dame, where I also pursued a Bachelor of Arts in Romance Languages and Cultures along with a focus on Leadership and Technology. With a strong background in engineering, mathematics, and communication, I bring a well-rounded set of skills to the tutoring table. 

Before starting Tutor Corner LLC, I gained valuable experience working at Lucid Motors as a Production Engineer where I performed process control along with analyzing data and assisting executives. There, I honed my data analysis skills, facilitated lean techniques, and collaborated with cross-functional teams. Additionally, my role as a Computer Science and Advanced Math Teacher at a local high school, along with my experience tutoring students from middle school to college, has allowed me to connect with students, create engaging lesson plans, and foster a love for learning. 

As a tutor and a business owner, my goal is to provide a personalized approach to learning, ensuring that you fully grasp the material and excel in your academic endeavors. I believe in adapting to various learning styles and creating a supportive environment where you can thrive. Together, we'll explore fascinating subjects, tackle challenging concepts, and celebrate your achievements along the way! 

Outside of Tutor Corner LLC, you'll find me enjoying non-competitive sports like swimming, running and weight lifting. I also have a keen interest in physical training and believe in the importance of maintaining a healthy mind and body.

I'm excited to embark on this educational journey with you and help you unlock your full potential. Whether you're seeking assistance in math, science, engineering, or any other subject in my expertise, I'm here to guide you every step of the way. Let's make learning an inspiring adventure! 

If you have any questions or want to schedule a free consultation, feel free to reach out. I can't wait to connect and support you on your path to success!

About the Company

Tutor Corner LLC is a tutoring company dedicated to tutoring both students and adults online. The company offers tutoring services that are geared to the student! We believe that tutoring is not just about educating the learner with their desired subjects of interest, but also helping them realize their potential in a tutoring corner.

With a teaching certificate and an education from the University of the Notre Dame along with over 10 years of tutoring experience, the owner founded the company to provide help for those wanting to get ahead in classes or those who need a personalized tutor.

If you need any accommodation during the tutoring sessions or any request to help improve your experience, please let us know and contact us below!

We look forward to working with you!

Tutor Corner LLC 

Featured Reviews

"Great tutoring service that is very personalized. It's a great way to get flexible one-on-one online tutoring. Great for students and adults who want want to have supplemental help in school, brush up on job-related technical skills and/or get ahead in school. Wide array of courses are available from writing help to engineering help and from elementary courses to college/technical courses. Overall 5 stars"